Garren Ke'kui Hao

Adventurer Monk and Baker


Garren is an impressive dragonborn, standing at 6’7 and weighing over 300 pounds.
He has an impressive build, being rather thick, large and stocky; not overweight but of a very solid build.

He’s an older adventurer, being around his late 30s to early 40s in human years.
His scales are a dulling gold/bronze color and has dark green eyes. He keeps his tendril hair long and kept up in a ponytail in the back. He wears simple garments, usually a leather outfit to allow for his movement, along with appropriate monk gear such has hand and feet guards.



In his early youth, Garren had been a simple wanderer without any focus or any goals, spending much of his time working on the many ships that operated out of Ka-Mana. That was until he was found by an elder monk master from Ka Pōleka, named Kawikani. The human saw a great potential in the young dragonborn and had convinced him to visit the monastery. He was so impressed with what he saw and the story of Io, that he was convinced to join and commit himself to learning the teachings of Io as well as practice the martial arts that the monks perform there, giving his life actual purpose.

He spent much of his childhood in the monastery, but when he was becoming a young adult, he had wanted to get out of the monastery, wishing to travel out into the world and explore what was around him. He was able to leave with the monastery’s blessings, and he traveled back to Ka-Mana. He was able to get together with a group of adventurers that wished to explore the surrounding islands and explore the ancient ruins; consisting of a halfling druid; Andak Greenburrow, a human cleric; Samantha Clearstar, a human rogue; Norn Kaidke, and a dragonborn warden; Nora Leilani, strong, ebony-scaled dragonborn with a strong tie to the natural world. Nora was a local to the area and agreed to help the others in their exploration, acting as a defender as well as a guide, and she was happy to have Garren join the party as well.

One of the most noteworthy adventures the party had played a part in was on the island of Kalama, one of the crossing points that lead into the Feywild. It was discovered that the natural energies of the island were off balance. Due to this imbalance, the yuan-ti there were preparing a ritual to summon an aspect of Merrshaulk, hoping to have him lead an invasion to start a reign controlling all of Nui. The party investigated and discovered that one of the guardians of the island; a gifted faun of the Feywild named Kala, was missing. A foreign baron named Darrel of House Doolfak had claimed a portion of the island, and due to her unique appearance, she had caught his attention and she was captured and brought into his menagerie as a curiosity.
The party was denied an audience with the duke, and without knowing the boundaries of “his land”, the party had to search for Kala and they were able to rescue her. They returned her to her shrine, and protected her from a yuan-ti ambush party, allowing her to restore the balance and stop the ritual from being completed.

During the their time together, Garren and Nora had started to grow close to each other, forming strong feelings for each other. After some years, they had decided that they wanted to ‘retire’ from adventuring and settle down. The party had decided to disband after so many years, and the two dragonborn settled down in Ka-Mana. They were married and soon had a daughter; Sora.

Even though they had now settled down into a more simple civilian life, their past had came searching for them. A regiment from House Doolfak had been searching for their party to have them answer to the crime of grand theft from the Baron. Rather than fight against the charges and no time to contact their companions, it was decided that Nora would accept the blame on herself and willingly allowed herself to be arrested and face the punishment, freeing Garren of the blame and allowing him to raise and protect their daughter.

Garren did not like the idea, and had started to feel that his lifelong home was had lost much of its luster without his wife. That was when he was visited by his friend Andak; he had plans to visit a new land and had invited Garren to join him. A change of scenery was something that he felt was needed, so he took his daughter and moved into Grythania. Since his retirement, Garren had fallen in love with the culinary arts and had become a baker, so he and Andak decided to open a new bakery in town; the Firebrick Bakery.

Even though he was happy to stay retired, there was the call of adventure, and it was starting to call to Garren again.

Garren Ke'kui Hao

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