Brock Claystone

Half Elf Ranger


Brock Claystone

Brock was born in the small town of Claystone Vale. He was given to the Claystone Orphanage as an infant and raised there in his early years. Like all orphans in Claystone Vale, they are given their surname to match the town until they are adopted. His time spent in the orphanage was wrought with cruelty by the orphanages matron and the other children who lived there.

This was due to the conditions of Brock’s birth, being born as the result of an accidental pregnancy between a human and elven noble. The two deciding ultimately that they didn’t intend to marry and that they didn’t want to mar their family’s bloodline or their own reputation before having a chance to establish themselves.

At a very young age Brock was abducted, along with other children in the orphanage by a Night Hag. The only child to survive the ordeal was Brock, many having been harvested or eaten. Brock didn’t survive unscathed however, losing his eye so the Hag could create a Hag Eye, and having strange runic symbols carved into his back (back, buttocks, and back of legs).

Brock was rescued from the Hag by the elven terrorists guided by a Satyr, having been hunting the Hag because of losing children of their own to her. The elves were disinterested in taking Brock in, but the Satyr decided that she would take him under her wing and even managed to salvage and restore his eye from the Hag’s corruption, although not completely.

The Satyr took Brock into the mountains and trained him as a ranger, prepping him to be a defender of the wilderness and Grythania alike.


Brock is roughly 24 years old, 5’10, and in very good physical condition. Much like his mother and father, Brock is extremely attractive, even by elven standards. Although, it would be very hard to tell this under Brock’s thick beard and long dreadlocks. He has his mother’s emerald green eyes, well, one of his mother’s emerald green eyes. His other eye, you could say, is Auntie Rottremble’s – the pupil dilated and milky white.

Brock’s hair is black, like his father’s, and braided into thick, long, dreadlocks courtesy of the Satyr. The dreadlocks are long and thick enough that it makes it difficult to notice Brock’s pointy elven ears, unless you take a good look. It is ornamented with the following:

A Starcoat Griffon feather – this is one of Brock’s first major kills, however, unbeknownst to Brock this is the type of Griffon that would be in his father’s fleet. This was likely known to the Satyr and it may have possibly been a way of her sticking it to him.

Wooden beads – beads carved by the Satyr. These are wooden runes that were carved by her in an attempt to ward off Brock’s nightmares. While it lessened them, they are still present.

Wolf teeth – to show his strength and hunting experience.

Bird feathers – varying colors of bird feathers, to remind him of nature’s natural beauty.
An arrowhead – belonging to the xenophobic elves.

Brock dresses in wolf furs to keep warm with leather armor stitched together from various animals for protection. His clothing is designed to be camouflaged and functional. Although his gruff appearance makes him standout like a sore thumb in the civilized world he is almost like a ghost in the wilderness.

Brock is covered in scars on his back, having been used as a living piece of parchment by the Hag. The runes seem to be changing as Brock gets older, spelling out malicious unknown words in an ancient, spidery language.


Brock is introverted and slow to trust, especially when it comes to “civilized” folk, he is very uncomfortable in towns and cities but will enter them when necessary. While he is slow to trust it doesn’t mean that he is unwilling to help someone in need, especially someone who he might feel is being oppressed.

Brock is a pretty good cook when using natural ingredients that he has foraged. He hates the taste of alcohol and would rather sleep on the ground than in a bed. He doesn’t concern himself with civilized customs.


Brock suffers from horrible recurring nightmares and visions – enough to drive someone insane, which the Satyr fears will inevitably happen to Brock. The nightmares and visions vary and have been very difficult to piece together thus far into any true meaning.

Brock also suffers from constant migraines brought on by the Hag Eye, which he mitigates by chewing on a root with medicinal properties. If he runs out he can be quite the curmudgeon until foraging for more.

Claystone Vale

The small town of Claystone is home to just over eight hundred souls, Claystone became the playground of the noble families of the Xavener region, a place where they can scheme against their rivals and their more rambunctious offspring to unleash some of their destructive tendencies without harming the family’s reputation in proper society.

The only true authority in the town is the will of the noble families that control it. The primary business of Claystone is horse and griffon ranching, and the town is a fine place to find replacement mounts, and all manner of tack, bridle, feed, and other goods necessary to keep up one’s mount. Most farms have farriers, or at least hands that can swiftly shoe a horse, and spare shoes all but litter the town.

Brock Claystone

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